Have you ever dreamed of visiting UNITED NATIONS, HEAD QUARTERS At New York and interacting with international diplomats and attending sessions on Women and gender or black lives history by representing your nation in the UNITED NATIONS, HQ at New York?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be inside the most protected house in the world? Yes, we are talking about the official residence of the US President, the WHITE HOUSE. 

Have your ever wondered what these scientists of NASA do and how scientist in NASA study, experiment, explore, discover and observe universe and have you ever dreamt of seeing the launch pads of NASA which took off the shuttles of million-dollar dreams or wanting to meet the astronauts of NASA?

Well we make your dreams come true through our internationally acclaimed “I CAN DREAM AND LIVE THE DREAM” campaign. Through this project we offer a 10 days and 9 nights Educational cum leisure package in USA (Washington DC, New York and Orlando) to visit UNITED NATIONS Head Quarters and to get a once in a life time opportunity to interact with international diplomats and attend a session representing your country in the UNITED NATIONS on  session’s like Women and Black lives history, This package covers a chance to visit NASA and interact with astronauts and scientists’. Visiting the most protected house in the world, Tour through the WHITE HOUSE and even getting the chance to visit the highest law-making body of USA, yes to tour the CAPITOL. This package also gets you a chance to not just visit NIAGRA FALLS but also the DISNEY LAND and even SEA WORLD. 

Image by Ashton Bingham
Image by Lance Asper
New York
Main Avenue


Washington DC :


1. White House

2. US Capitol and Capitol Hill 

3. Lincoln Memorial

4. Washington Memorial

5. World War 2 Memorial

6. Holocaust Memorial

7. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

8. National Mall and veteran’s memorial 

9. Korean War Memorial

10. Smithsonian Museum of natural history

11. National air and space museum

12. Potomac river

13. Pentagon and 9/11 pentagon memorial 


Orlando, Florida :



2. Disney Land

3. Sea World


New York :


  1. United Nations, Head Quarters 

  2. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island (transportation through Ferry).

  3.  Times Square

  4.  9/11 memorial

  5. Battery Park

  6.  Brooklyn Bridge

  7. Grand Central terminal

  8. Central Park & Wollman Ice Skating Rink

  9. Broadway 

  10. Rockefeller Centre

  11. Bryant Park

  12. Fifth Avenue 

  13. Trinity Church 

  14. Charging bull Statue.