Social empowerment projects

Our social empowerment initiatives such as “The Secret Of The Circle”(TSOTC) and “Global Youth Colloquium Model United Nations” (GYC-MUN) are run fully by a team of students from various universities in Australia, Canada, France, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK and USA who have come together and working on projects to bring in awareness, dialogue, discourse and solutions for various social issues by organizing impact colloquiums, Model United Nations conferences and other programs on the ground.  These projects are run with a mission to organize various events to create discourse and bring in social change and reforms and provide opportunities for students by creating employment opportunities for the unemployed educated youth. We are a students' led initiative to contemplate the contemporary issues, challenges and drive towards solutions by intellectuals, academicians and activists. We believe to gather such like-minded people on a platform to make the necessary reforms.