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Notikums Event Management Pvt Ltd is a widely acclaimed international event management group tailored in October 2018 by a team of students from different universities of Australia, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the USA with an ever-expanding transnational students’ network in 50+ Universities across 18 countries in a short span of 2 years.

The entire organization is fully run by a transnational network of students with a mission to provide you with affordable, yet highly professional services, to make every event a celebration that leaves you and your guests with unique memories of excellence while holding onto the core vision of eradicating the educated unemployment by generating employment opportunities for the unemployed educated youth.


Our mission is to provide our clients with an affordable, yet highly professional service to make every event a celebration, which leaves our clients and their guests with unique memories of excellence.

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We treasure and care for all our clients and we are prepared to go that extra mile to make each event unique and memorable. With our professional, experienced & multi-skilled team, we ensure the success of your event – that is why we do not simply ‘manage’ things – we ‘orchestrate’ every single component of your special day, so that what you see and you get, far exceeds anything you could have possibly imagined!


Luxurious & professional services at an affordable rate, Service par Excellence, Experience par Professionalism, & impeccable Networking across 18 countries. 

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Our flagship services include VVIP & Celebrity Event’s Management, Tours & Travels, Educational Events, Business & Executive Events, Social Empowerment Projects, & Model United Nations.

We organize, conduct and manage events across 18 different countries through our ever-expanding transnational network of students for different entities including governments, corporates, firms, institutions or individuals which includes various activities such as organizing and managing of events and programs such as: 

  •  Expositions, exhibitions,  seminars, concerts, conclaves and conferences

  •  Tours and Travels

  •  Social events, game shows, fun events and theme-based events

  •  Brand launches, brand promotions and cultural events

  •  Reality shows, award nights, entertainment shows, music shows and fashion shows,

  • Organising fairs and recreational events

  •  Business conference & corporate events

  •  Model United Nations, Youth Parliaments and Youth Summits.